ul[2] house

UL[2] House slc modern | windows

All the glass is in at UL[2] House and they are moving fast on hanging drywall. The window package is comprised of (2) systems: Aluminum storefront and custom extruded aluminum sections mitered at 45, welded and glazed. The storefront system is used at ground level full height glazing, entry and punched operable locations. We have been waiting a long time to find a project to use a custom designed window and UL[2] House is our first opportunity. The custom window was economical to manufacture and easy to install. It is minimal in intent, no frame is visible from the interior and from the exterior the glass is proud of the stucco finish 3/4" giving the impression of planes of glass drifting on the building surface. The proud windows will cast shadows adding interest while breaking down the mass of the 60 foot long N/S elevations. The smoothest detail was the integration of an operable storefront into the custom system at the east and west bedroom horizontal windows.  The operable sf window is set flush in-between (2) 1" insulated glass panels minimizing the perception of the custom frame and giving the impression of a floating window.

Mock-up of custom designed punch window with stucco finish and control joint interface | installed custom punch windows and stucco color samples.

Storefront operable integrated into custom aluminum extruded frame.

SF operable set flush with 1" insulated glass panels in custom frame | Custom punch window flush with interior ceiling.

9-0 high storefront corner glazing detail |12-8 tall custom window at South elevation.

UL[2] House slc modern | revisit stairs

UL[2] House has been driven by economy from its conception. It's great to see the success of the details coming together on such a modest budget. The stair is a perfect example of thoughtful design can = economy. A single steel tube stringer with welded 1/4" steel plate treads cantilever off the triple story open core. The steel channel and plate welds will be covered with drywall.


UL[2] House slc modern | concrete driveway/ patio pour

we captured some great shots of UL[1] House to kick start the blog - check out the intro teaser here

.  we will be revisiting more on that project later on, but for now we turn our attention to the next in line: UL[2] house.  Garth Hare of Benchmark Modern

sent in these photos of the concrete drive and back patio pour. He has a great skill for taking construction photos with his iPhone.  we look forward to a steady photo stream coming in over the next few weeks as construction nears the end. ul2 salt lake city modern architecture

ul2 salt lake city modern architecture

we worked out an economical over-sized bond pattern in the field the weekend before the pour. it's amazing what a 12" gap at each run does for the scale of the drive.

ul2 salt lake city modern architecture

we are pleased with the outcome.

ul2 salt lake city modern architecture

The back patio needed to be differentiated from the driveway, Lamoreaux Concrete suggested a top cast chemical retarder product. it turned out great, will use again.

ul2 salt lake city modern architecture

detail shot of the top cast treatment exposing the fine aggregate | the pour at back patio prior to treatment.

The retaining wall came into the design late in the game from the need to adjust to site conditions discovered in the field.  it will serve as a planting bed next to the west patio and a barrier from the drive.  we sleeved the wall @ 6-0 for a future fence.